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  1. Opened House

    Hello everyone! Summer is in full swing which means that the UCMB is… not. It’s the slow season for us but regardless, Saturday was our New Member Open House which I happily volunteered at. It was great to get back to campus and see some people I know as well as some new faces I will really get to know in the fall.

    When I signed up to volunteer I was told that there would be two incoming saxophones coming. Well, it turns out there were six- three altos and three tenors! That was realy great since usually there are very few tenors and they get left by the wayside a bit. I liked the 1 to 1 ratio a lot better. All six were very friendly and cooperative- shout-out to them for that!

    (The difference between an alto (top) and tenor (bottom) sax. Some people don’t realize that there are actually different types of saxophones!)

    In the morning we went up to the field and did marching basics. It was even good for us returning members to get a little refresher before preseason comes around. Around noon we had lunch- where we almost ran out of food for everyone, but pulled through! It was pizza as usual- not bad at all. After lunch we piled into the main rehearsal space for us, 102, and worked on music that is part of our Pregame performances. Everyone sounded good already, and again I was excited to get a little taste of being back to marching band season!

    (All of the Open House’s wind players rehearsing after lunch.)

    After the open house was over, we had our third summer band council meeting. Things seem to be going well. The Coffee Break fundraiser that the senior reps did (taking donations and giving out coffee and food at a rest stop) did very well. As far as being a sophomore rep goes for me, we have successfully booked Rome Ballroom for band banquet and we have gotten confirmation from our DJ, who is a UCMB alumni of course.

    Overall, things are just gearing up for the fall! Our show schedule as well as this year’s theme (On Fire) have been announced, and it’s almost time for preseason!!

    leesax 2 years ago
  2. Springing into Marching Band Season

    Hey, all!!

    It’s Becca, here! I know that it’s been a while but there hasn’t been too much going on in my marching band world this semester, aside from band council meetings and leadership class!

    I had a UCMB Husky-for-a-Day named Sarah and that was a wonderful time! She is currently a senior and will be joining us in the fall as a pre-pharmacy, trumpet player. We went to my classes that day, got to know each other and had some fun dancing and learning in leadership class. Then, she got to have lunch with Chewy, Emma, Martin and Connor, some trumpets who she’ll be spending the fall with. It was really fun to get to know her and give some insight into the marching band culture at UConn. 

    What the field looks like from the "Band Stands"

    (View from the UCMB section of the Rent!)

    Also this past Saturday, we had the annual Spring Game aka Blue and White game aka “The Experience”. Basically, it’s the UConn Football team remember how to play at Rentcheler and showing off for potential recruits. Unfortunately there wasn’t a huge student representation but there was still a pretty good crowd and the game as SNY. Call time was at 10 am and the pep band members and any other marching band members who wanted to go piled into 4 school buses. Once at the Rent we met potential new members and had a cookout! Yay burgers and dogs and new people! The flute/piccolo section had 3 potential newbies, two seniors a s sophomore (doesn’t hurt to get started on the college search early…pardon my inner tour guide coming out there, haha)! It was really fun to get to know the girls and share with them what I love about band and the Rent and just UConn in general.

    The "Funky Dogs" Prividing Lunch time tunes and entertainment

    (The “Funky Dogs” Providing Lunch time tunes and entertainment)

    The weather could have been more perfect. There was literally nothing I would have rather been doing than standing outside, except maybe sitting outside, hah. But seriously, it was WONDERFUL to be outside, playing stand tunes with some of my best friends. It was awesome to hang out with Jill for an extended period of time. That time has been limited because of the semester’s crazy business. AS for the actual game, UConn won…and lost. Overall, it was a fun day and I got a nice tan :P Gotta love sunscreen! Once the game was done we played the fight song, sang the alma mater (one of my favorite parts of any show) and boarded the buses back to Storrs. I napped the whole ride back. Sun and fun tire a girl out! 

    Me and Jilly Bean (Me and Jilly Bean :-] )

    The Spring Game was a great sneak peak of the fun that is to come in the fall. I cannot wait for preseason but first finals, camp counseling, summer band council and going to the beach! Best of luck with the end of your academic year! Can’t wait to share my fall with you!

    Let the countdown to preseason begin: 115 days! 



    beccaalbanese 2 years ago
  3. Back to Football

    Hello everybody!

    The spring semester is winding down for sure. Band events have been sadly sparse, hence my sporadic posting of these blogs. One of the most exciting things- for me, at least- has not been a performance, but has been seeing the high school students who are being UCMB Huskies for a Day. I have met at least seven or eight prospective saxophone players, and many other musicians and colorguard-ers (Yeah, I know that’s not a real word) as well. It’s refreshing to meet people who are in the same place I was barely a year ago- finishing up high school and starting to want to see what college band is all about. I did sign up to be a Husky for a Day mentor, but sadly, over the three weeks of the program, did not get to have a mentee despite the many saxophone players who wanted to come see UConn and the UCMB. Each Husky for a Day went to classes with their big buddy and came to out UCMB Leadership lecture with Dr. Mills. I hope that, however weird we all are, no one was scared off! We have a good time with each other, even if the baritone players do like to randomly break out in renditions of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan.

    UCMB baritones

    (UCMB baritones.)

    The day before the Spring Open House, we sent a band (myself included) to play at the opening for Relay for Life. We didn’t really feel appreciated there, seeing as even though we played for everyone for a half hour before the relay began, no one clapped after any song we played, let alone actually coming over to listen to us. It was a nice day out, though, and I liked getting an excuse to stand out in the sun and play good music with friends.

    The morning of the Open House, call time was 8:30 AM at Gampel Pavillion. We (Blue and While band combined) set up and played to the crowd of incoming/prospective freshmen. They were eager to clap along to the fight song and Fight On, which was nice! I felt like we sounded awesome and really gave a good impression to everyone there. And yes, to further that horrible pun, we really did play The Impression that I Get.

    UCMB at Open House

    (UConn Open House 2010- You can see the pep band seated on the court in the center of the image.)

    We four sopmohore reps have at long last gotten our binder of responsibilities. A funny touch that Emma, one of last year’s sophomore reps, put on it was that at the bottom of each page it says “Don’t Panic!”- Just as a reminder of course. We have done what the binder told us to for the spring semester, in meeting with Dr. Mills to set a prospective date and price for band banquet. We still have to reserve Rome Ballroom, though.

    Rome Ballroom

    (Rome Ballroom is classy, just like band banquet.)

    The Spring Game, where UConn plays UConn in a blue-vs-white scrimmage, was for once not a rainy day- unlike last year and the year before. I had the foresight to bring sunscreen, which got shared among most of the woodwinds. We had anticipated having two or three saxophone players coming to be a part of The Experience program and play with us, and we did have two- one tenor and one alto. From what I saw, the other sections looked like they had similar additional numbers. Standing near them, it was so weird to be the one teaching horn moves as opposed to learning them from upperclassmen, as a freshman myself. For someone like me who isn’t really interested in football, there game itself was pretty boring. What was enjoyable was being back in the stands with so many of my friends from the fall season, and being able to look forward to getting to do it all again this upcoming fall semester- minus our graduting seniors, who will be well-missed.

    As of right now, there is one week of classes left and then the dreaded finals week. I feel like I’m really going to miss UConn this summer when I go back home to live with my parents again until UCMB preseason begins. Band council will be occasionally meeting over the summer, but this is really the end of band until August. I hope that you readers have enjoyed my blog entries, and until I see you- TUP!

    leesax 2 years ago
  4. Waiting Game

    Hi everybody! It’s been a while since my last post, but this part of the spring semester is honestly so sparse for band-related news that I assure, you are not missing anything- other than the fun of being here, in the moment.

    Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have finished with their NCAA tournaments in one way or the other, and pep band is really winding down. Our next anticipated performance is at the Open House for accepted students, on Saturday April 14th. If last year is anything to go by, look for a pep band in the morning at Gampel stadium! Remember that if you have been accepted to UConn for the fall, you need to fill out your 2012 UCMB sign-up formand enroll in the 1-credit class MUSI 1108 at orientation. Speaking for the returning members as a whole, we are all thrilled to start hearing about how many new members of our section we will be getting in the fall.

    Blue pep band

    (Blue band getting ready to go catch the plane to Denver for the Women’s Final Four.)

    Speaking of the fall and MUSI 1108 (better known as marching band), our brand-new section leader line-up was announced in the past few weeks, since my last blog entry. We were all excited to see the list out. For saxophones, we have returning tenor sax section leader Tommy Weeks, and two new alto sax leaders- both music majors going into their junior years. Connor D. Sullivan was a designated marcher (meaning he filled needed spots when people were absent) in the fall, and Colin Walters marched next to me for the majority of parts 3 and 4 of our 2011 exhibition show. They are all good guys who will hopefully make our section a fun place to be, at the least.

    If you are a high school senior (Sorry, everyone else! It’s recruiting season, that’s all!), you can meet those people along with the rest of both Blue and White pep bands and a good number of other band members, this spring. How, you ask? We have a great program, started just last year, called The Experience. I personally participated as a high school student last year and found it to be a good time. You can start to learn people’s names, and get a sneak preview of how we run ourselves in the stands. Just bring your instrument and plan on a good time. More details can be found on this page.

    Pep band members

    (Left: Kevin, one of our outgoing SLs. Right: Tommy, our tenor sax SL.)

    In other news, we had band council this past Monday night for the first time in a few weeks. It was a good time, despite not having a lot to talk about. I was a little disappointed, though, that I was the only one out of all four elected Sophomore Reps to show up to council. The others were in various stages of busy, committed, and studying for exams. We still don’t have our hands on the binder of the timetables for our responsibilities, though hopefully that will come soon.

    One last opportunity that we have this spring is that we are doing a version of “Husky For a Day” exclusively for prospective band members. You can follow around one of us, myself included, for a Friday, and go to class, our dorm, and a dining hall. If you are interested in ANY of the opportunities I have mentioned in this post, please see links on the website for specifics!

    Next post, I hope to be able to report about the final few pep band activities for the spring, since the spring game will be over and we’ll be getting back into the swing of marching band, as opposed to pep band. See you then!

    leesax 2 years ago
  5. The Times They Are A Changin’

    Hello UCMB,

    The History Team came up with this idea to do posts on our progress reconstructing the UCMB’s history, so that you guys can find out what’s going on and learn a little bit about our band’s history. I’m hoping this is the first post of many to come!

    Anyways, right now the history team is hard at work rebuilding both our knowledge and information on this band’s long history.  Before break we sent out a survey of sorts to all of our alumni asking for their input on what the band was like when they were members.  We asked for all basic personal info, and also asked for more “meaty” questions, such as show titles, years people were involved, and other members people may know.  Right now, we have roughly 90 people who have responded to this survey, which is AWESOME!, but we need more!!! If you want to view the survey, or are an alumnus yourself and have not filled it out yet, here is a link to the survey on our website.  UCMB History Survey 2012 Our goal is to collect this data and use it to reconstruct our history database.   We would like to send out another shorter survey in the coming months asking a few questions on memories, experiences etc. alumni have had in the UCMB, more details to come later on!

    ALSO, we have had contact with other important UCMB alumni, including Mr. David Maker, former director of the UCMB. Mr. Maker has given us a list of updates we can include on our website, including locations the UCMB performed at during its FOUR trips to Europe during the 1970s and early 1980s. Take a look at our newly updated performance location map to see the UCMB “Traveling the World”!!! UCMB History Page

    We are starting to organize and categorize our many pictures and videos from years past. We have a lot of material, but we need more to accurately reconstruct everything! If U have any pictures, videos or any kind of media you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact Jake Skrzypiec, our UCMB Historian, at, and he would be glad to accept anything you may have!

    One of our major goals right now, separate from collecting information from our alumni, is safeguarding all of our collected history. We are in the process of creating a permanent archive for UCMB History, where we can store and access all of our data, pictures, media, and memorabilia in an easily and efficiently. More details to come on this, but this is one of our major projects for the time being!

    Thank you for reading our first ever history blog, hope it enlightened you to some of the great things we are doing here at the UCMB!!!


    (Source: ucmb-history)

    ucmbhistory 2 years ago
  6. Break’s Over

    Hello everyone! I hope that those of you in college had a good spring break, and those of you not, have some sort of break to look forward to sooner or later. We all need one once in a while.

                   UConn campus

    (UConn campus in the spring.)

    My spring break was shorter than some other people’s, partially due to- of course- pep band! Blue band had the women’s basketball games on Saturday and Monday in Bridgeport, CT, so I was back on campus very early considering that classes weren’t starting up again until Monday. I walked to the bus which picked some of us up right at the music building, but we also made a stop in Meriden- both for food, and for people. We got the last of our crew at the stadium itself, for those who drove themselves. We all unloaded the bus together and went in, taking a short break to paint our faces before we took our seats.

    The stadium was very quiet- both in the crowd’s energy and that, to us, it seemed pretty acoustically dead. Regardless, the game was fun and (as we are used to with the women’s team) we won pretty decisively. A weird part was the way that the officials didn’t seem to trust us. When we got in, after opening our instrument and drum cases to show them the contents, we were all collected in this tiny curtained-in area, that barely fit us all and our stuff, let alone the other band as well, who joined us shortly. Our set-up was similarly fenced in on the stadium. We had two long rows of seats, encircled by lower curtains. It definitely reminded me of some sort of corral.

                             uconn pep band 

                             corral of horses

    (Above: UConn Pep Band. Below: Not the UConn Pep Band.)

    After the game, which had been against Texas A&M Prairie View, we went back to the bus and loaded up. The other team’s band was doing the same right next to us, so we went over and said hello to them. They had some very loud, blasting playing- in a good way- so we had to tell them that, among other things. They were asking us about good places to go in Bridgeport while they were here, and didn’t understand how, for us in such a small state, we are still from eastern CT, and have no idea about southern CT’s things to do. We also took some pictures with their band, but I haven’t seen them since that evening. If anyone has one of the pictures, please email me it at!

                    Prairie View Drum Majors

    (Image of Texas A&M Prairie View’s marching band’s drum majors, from their website.)

    The second game was on Monday, between 3 and 4 pm. I have a class at 3 pm on Mondays in which we had a quiz at the beginning of class, so I had to go to class for about 15 minutes in order to take a quiz, before proceeding to the music building in order to help load up the bus. The weather was so hot that we were all making complaints about our band “warm-up” uniforms. They really were warming us up way too much.

    The game, which was the last pep band game of the year for some of us who are alternate travel band members (myself included), was pretty great. The fact that the other team only barely got their score into the double digits by the end of the first half, says a lot. The band started a lot of cheers, because there was essentially no student section present to share the duty with us. Personally, I started one cheer towards the end of the game. It’s always sort of a nice feeling when you get one going- personal pride + pride in your school and team, or something like that.

    On the bus ride home, we made the mature choice and watched the Spongebob movie that game out years ago. We were back on campus earlier than expected- a little bit after 10 pm. And now, my first ever season as a pep band member is over! It feels so weird to know that I am done for the year. Now it’s time to start thinking about marching band again, after the last few pep band trips happen. (As an alternate member, I won’t be going to anything more.)


    As a good last note for this blog entry, here is the link to the 2012 UCMB sign-up form. Every single returning member must fill out this form again, as well as every new member. If you have any questions about signing up, feel free to email me, or email one of the addresses given specifically for recruiting on our website.

    I’m going to continue posting sporadic blogs about anything band-related that goes on for the rest of the semester, but it may be a while. We are still having band council meetings every few weeks, I’m still on media team, and we still have the spring football game to play at. See you all next time, whenever that is!

    leesax 2 years ago
  7. Men’s Big East Tournament 2012

    Hi, everyone! I am back from the men’s basketball Big East tournament in NYC, and also home for spring break. It was a very eventful and enjoyable Tuesday to Thursday trip. We made it back home for Friday classes only, after getting back to Storrs at about 10 pm on Thursday evening.

    Tuesday morning was the day of our great departure for New York City. Call time was 6:45 in the morning which was brutal as the dining halls weren’t open yet for us to eat breakfast at before we got on the bus for the long drive. We shared our bus with the cheerleaders, and at the rest stop that we took just before we hit New York, a lot of the patrons there were telling us “Go UConn!” which was pretty neat.

    Peter Pan bus

    (Our bus looked sort of like this. Peter Pan buses are nice because they have Wi-Fi.)

    We unloaded right at Madison Square Garden (MSG) and headed straight it. We did not check into the hotel because the (very sad) idea was that if we lost our first game, we would be going straight home again on Tuesday night. But, luckily, we won! Oddly enough the other team’s pep band was using real music stands as opposed to flip folders and lyres, and concert tubas instead of sousaphones like we do.

    We had the entire evening to ourselves, roaming New York City as we pleased. I personally went out with a group consisting of me and some mellophone and baritone players, and we explored around the Times Square area. We ate real NYC pizza, which was new for me- nothing like UConn dining hall pizza. The late evening was spent watching the women’s basketball team (and our counterpart, white band) on TV in their own Big East championship match.

    Wednesday morning we painted up our faces (Thanks to Anna Mills, a trumpet player, for doing mine) and headed out to MSG at about 10 in the morning- quite reasonable a time to sleep in until. We got to MSG very early and decided to go back outside and set up an arc on the street facing MSG. We warmed up and then played some of our classic tunes like the fight song, Cold Hearted, Land of 1000, and of course, Neck. Quite a crowd had gathered by the end. See some video here.

    Pep band at MSG 2012

    (A picture of us at the UConn/WV game, taken by my horrible cell phone camera.)

    We headed inside after about 20 minutes of some fun playing. The game was against West Virginia, whose band sounded pretty good. Never the less, we held our own against them music-wise as well as in basketball. The game was very high-energy and an overall good time. Towards the end of the game, when we tied up the score, the band was going COMPLETELY crazy. The people we were seated next to, the media/statistician people, were giving us very strange looks. They seemed to have no idea why we were cheering so much. One of them wrote an article about usWe led a lot of cheers, and did just about every chant that we have in the metaphorical book UConn ended up winning the game- and winning all of us another night in NYC! After another evening out, most of spent the later evening in our rooms, trying to recuperate from the two game days in a row.

    Thursday morning we again painted our faces. I used the same design, for luck. I also was forced to wear my same uniform shirt for the third sweaty day in a row. It was getting pretty gross, despite changing out of it right after the game each day. But hey, what’s band without a few weird problems?

    We got to MSG a bit later, and found Syracuse’s band already set up inside the doors and playing music for the people coming in. We walked past them to set up further inside, but still outside the ticket area, and promptly began playing songs whenever they finished one of their own. It was a true battle of the bands. Cuse’s band had some interesting repertoire such as, from the Rocky Horror Show, the Time Warp. But, ultimately, I’m pretty sure that we managed to outplay them through sheer determination and some awesome tuba power on songs like Neck (again).

    Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show

    (Cuse’s pep band did not actually look like this, despite playing songs from Rocky Horror.)

    During the game, the band really gave it our all- what we had left, on our third game of the week. It’s hard to do so many right in a row. I know that my arms were getting sore after so, so many horn moves during tunes. We had a very overexcitable student section who kept speeding up their cheers into oblivion, but eventually we ad a band managed to get them in check again. Ultimately, though, UConn had a sad loss to Syracuse for the third time this season. The band left MSG all at once in a big group to avoid any potential problems with orange-wearing fans. We went back to the hotel to pack up and spend our last three hours in the city until the bus’s arrival. Amusingly enough, in groups of threes and fours, most of the band ended up at the White Castle restaurant for burgers at some point or another. Great minds think alike?

    Our bus arrived promptly and we managed to fit everything in the underside despite having a handicap ramp under the bus, to work around. In a very cool twist of chance, our bus driver was a UMass marching band alumnus, who had marched under George N. Parks. I had to shake his hand when we got back to UConn. I really respect the UMMB, both after my attending George Parks’ Drum Major Academy as a high school drum major, and because I have many friends who march in that band.

    We got back to UConn by 10 pm, but it really felt more like three in the morning from how tired we were and how dark it was. Our unloading was swift, and now blue band is on spring break until we play at the women’s basketball team’s first round of the NCAA tournament the weekend of March 17th. See you then!

    leesax 2 years ago
  8. The last of the home games

    Hello everyone! It’s been a whole week since I last updated, but that’s only because we had a very sad lack of marching and pep band-related things up until Thursday evening. On Thursday, we had a quick meeting for all travel (blue or white) band members. We got our itineraries for the Big East Tournament trips that are coming up this week, and a finalized list of who was going on what trip. There were a few errors I know, at least for saxophones, but we just talked to Marvin right after the meeting and everything got straightened out. During the meeting we simply went over basics like how to act in the hotels and the stadiums, what to expect as far as changes from the regular season, and to watch out for each other especially in fast-moving cities like NYC for the Men’s Big East trip, which I will be going on. As far as changes, apparently at some venues we will be required to sit, not stand, for the whole game, and only stand up to cheer when our team scores, or something like that. It will be weird, but I am sure that I will get used to it. I was also amused by the difference between trips in high school and in college. High school: We’re taping your doors shut. Don’t order anything to your room. Don’t leave your room in the morning till we come get you. College: Don’t be loud in the hallways. Don’t bring alcohol back to the hotel.

    Madison Square Garden

    (The venue we’ll be at for Men’s Big East: Madison Square Garden.)

    On Friday in leadership lab and then leadership class with Dr. Mills, our focus was on next year’s show and thinking of ideas for it! We talked about a lot of previous years’ shows as well as things other bands have done. Aside for music/theme ideas, we thought that it would be cool if we somehow not only directed our show both to the front and back sides of the stadium, but also briefly towards the end zones (where the student section is located). During Dr. Mills’ lecture we also talked about history again, and watched a video of the UCMB’s 1997 field show. I actually really liked it, retro uniforms included. One of the songs they played, Long Way Down, is still in our pep band books.

    If you have any ideas, concepts, or suggestions for either our main 2012 show or one of our “B show” songs, mail me them! I am sure that every piece of serious input will be appreciated by those who get a chance to hear it.

                                                  UCMB logo

    (Click here to watch the video of El Gato Triste, also from the UCMB’s 1997 field show.)

    On Saturday, the men’s basketball team WON our game versus Pittsburgh! Everyone was saying how it should be an easy team to beat, but the game turned out tying up a lot more often than we all thought it would, right up to the end. A few highlights of the game for me personally were one, that we all got white “WHITE-OUT” t-shirts from UConn. The band barely ever gets t-shirts from the t-shirt tosses that the cheerleaders do, so this is actually the first UConn shirt other than my band uniform, that I own! A second highlight was getting to meet the UCMB’s biggest fan. This little 3-year old boy was at the game with a very shiny toy saxophone, and every time the band played he would stand up on his seat and try to play along. I even caught a glimpse of him copying our side-to-side horn moves during the fight song. During halftime, the saxophone section went over and took a picture with him. We all, Sam especially, thought he was the cutest little kid ever. We think that when he gets a little older, he will definitely come to UConn and be at least a section leader!

    Jim Calhoun

    (Coach Calhoun made his much-anticipated and needed return at Saturday’s game.)

    On Sunday I will be busy trying to figure out what to pack and how to pack it, for the men’s big east tournament. We will be leaving for the trip on Tuesday morning (missing all of our classes on that day) and assuming we win at least one game, will get to stay over in New York City. I am REALLY looking forward to that, as two long bus rides in one day would not be something that I particularly want to do. Our fingers are crossed- see you again after the men’s tournament is over and I can come back to talk about it!

    leesax 2 years ago
  9. Bad Day to be Wearing an Orange Shirt

    Hi again! Here’s an update on what’s been happening lately in the UCMB.

    Friday in leadership class we put an emphasis on recruiting, and the feeling that one gets when one is or is not “picked”. Recruiting is starting up again, and within a week or two we are going to start doing calling times to call any student who has been accepted to UConn and put anything about band, orchestra, chorus, or ANYTHING like that on their application. This is a huge list of people, but it’s good that we’re getting started early, before most students have made their final decisions. Dr. Mills was all about us needing to reach out and make a personal connection with somebody. We watched some really hip ads from the 80s- “Reach Out and Touch Somebody” was the premise. You can watch one of the ads that he showed us here. The whole room was laughing, and it was a good, non-stressful time.

    Reach out and touch someone

    (Recruiting: Reaching out and touching someone!)

    Saturday was ESPN College Gameday, hosted by the men’s basketball team. In the morning, every since Blue, White, or Husky band member was required to be at Gampel pavilion ready to go at 7:15. That is 7:15 AM. We were all groaning about it even though marching band call times in the fall were regularly about that early, but as far as I know everyone ultimately showed up. We filled up the entirety of section 123, and then some. A few players were left in the aisles (like Tommy Weeks on the tenor sax, not that he really minded at all as it meant more camera time and more room to move) because there were even too many of us for that one section.

    At 8 am the students were allowed in, and from then until 10 am we “rehearsed” with the ESPN folks who were in charge of everything. This basically consisted of them telling us “Okay, go crazy in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1.” and then shooting some clips of the crowd. It was essentially the same as being a studio audience for a taped television show like Ellen or The Daily Show. As for the music, we really only played five different songs, and had to play them directly on cue- whichever one the ESPN people wanted. #1 was the fight song, #2 was Neck, #3 was Tear It Up, #4 was Cold Hearted, and #5 was I Don’t Wanna Stop. Enough of us had these tunes memorized that it didn’t really matter that in no way were there enough flip books for everyone. For saxophones, we have 4 blue and 4 white flipbooks along with some songs in a packet for husky band members, whereas we had about 15 or 20 saxophone players present.

    UConn gameday 2012

    (You can see most of the pep bands in the background of this odd image of some of the ESPN hosts from Gameday on Saturday.)

    In the morning, we did not get a meal as we usually did in marching band on days that the call time was before the dining halls opened. Personally, I ate a pop tart in my room before coming, but there were a lot of people who had not eaten, and after the actual segment started at 10 (if I remember the times correctly), we did have a trumpet player pass out, presumably because of standing, dancing, and playing for a few hours without having eaten. A few other people were also feeling dizzy. That part of the morning was not a good time. After that happened, though, we got chewy bars and chips distributed throughout the band, so we were in a bit better spirits after that- though still very, very thirsty.

    After that, most of the saxophone section adjourned to South Dining Hall to eat breakfast/lunch together. White band and some of Husky band was going back to Gampel in the evening in order to play at the actual basketball game vs. Syracuse. Not me, though, because I am in Blue Band. The game started out terribly for UConn, but in the last 4 minutes or so we closed the gap and actually came to a tie vs. #2 Syracuse before ultimately losing by two points. But I am told that it was still a great game. There was apparently a flash mob of the entire student section (including the band) at some point, which you will probably be able to find a video of sooner or later. The game was a ‘white-out’ so the band isn’t as noticeable as usual because they were given white shirts to wear over the normal blue uniforms, but they were still in our normal small section on the right as you look up from the court.

    UConn pep band mellophones

    (Some of our mellophone section playing during Gameday on Saturday morning. Fun fact: You can actually see the back of my very own head at the bottom-right of this image.)

    We don’t have band council on Monday, though Blue Band is playing a game (the last women’s game) in the evening. I won’t be there, though, because I have a concert to play in as part of Jazz Lab Band. My friend Anthony (normally Husky band) will be subbing for me. It’s the first game ALL season that I’ve had to miss and probably also the last, since travel is looming on us, and I am NOT missing any of my trips for that! Speaking of which, we also do not have pep band rehearsal on Tuesday night this week- partially because there is a Symphonic Band concert in the evening, and partially because Blue and White travel band members are instead going to meet on Thursday evening to get briefed about travel. The first trip, Men’s Big East, starts on March 6th. I will be going on that one. Because this upcoming week is so dead, I am not sure when my next blog update will be. But until then- see you!

    Oh. And if by ANY chance you are a prospective UConn student or UCMB member reading this, and you have any questions, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me or anyone else from the actual recruiting team. My email is Thanks!

    leesax 2 years ago
  10. UConn Drumline - “Nod Ya Head” Live at Gampel Pavilion

    Check it out!

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